Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.

Philanthropy is personal—not one-size-fits-all. While everyone is unique, there are some tools and wisdom to help you, beginning with a clear understanding of your motivations and the impact you hope to achieve. Our goal is to help you align your values with your investments, and understand where you can make the greatest difference in advancing social justice.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver
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For Individuals

Together, we will:

- Set clear intentions around your giving based on your values (what lights you up, what makes you angry, what is your own money story, and your journey with power and privilege and philanthropy as a way to heal)

- Do a landscape assessment to identify the issues and organizations that align with your vision

- Discuss the best charitable structures for you

- Explore gender lens investments, so that your investments are aligned with your values and are not causing problems that your philanthropy has to solve

- Connect with others who can help you achieve your goals (giving circles, peers, nonprofit leaders, or professional advisors)

At the end, you’ll have a customized Giving Action Plan. And, we’ll provide on-going learning opportunities to keep you accountable to your goals.


For Foundations

Let’s explore how you can make the greatest impact for the funds you are stewarding, which may include:

- Transition in leadership or strategic direction, including interim roles

- Creating or launching a new initiative, such as a grand challenge, fellowship or RFP

- Storytelling and persuasive communications

- Collaboration and partnerships, including identifying partners, champions and ambassadors

- Strategic frameworks to align values with desired impact


For Nonprofits

Are you seeking help connecting with funders about the impact of your work? Do you have the right board members and ambassadors effectively engaged to tap their networks for you? Are you launching a new organization or initiative? Are you pulled in too many directions and need an interim advisor? Are you reading Vu Le’s Nonprofit AF blog to keep yourself sane? I’ve helped to found several start-ups, led new initiatives that catapulted the organization to the next level, and helped build effective boards and advisory councils.

For Businesses

Are you interested in giving back and creating a philanthropy strategy that aligns with your corporate social responsibility goals? Consumers favor brands that practice philanthropy, and employees—especially millennials—are more attracted to organizations that use their profits to do good in the world. I can help you with a charitable giving strategy that helps build brand awareness and improves your reputation while doing good in the world.

Areas of expertise


  • LQBTQI Rights

  • Women’s Economic Empowerment

  • Microcredit

  • Women’s Land and Property Rights

  • Food Security and Food Sovereignty

  • Women’s Labor Rights

  • Frontline Human Rights Defenders

  • Intersectional Feminist Funding

  • Jewish philanthropy

  • Rule of Law



  • Events and Convenings with Influencers

  • Public Speaking and Presentations

  • Campaigns and Branding

  • Coalition Building and Strategic Partnerships

  • Awards and Challenge Competitions  

  • Site Visits

  • Strategic Planning

  • Working Effectively with Boards

  • Transitions of Leadership